Our Philosophy
The 10 Pillars of Greenwood International School:
  1. We believe that every learner is unique and, therefore, the learning environment should be adapted to meet different learning styles and capabilities of learners and at the same time promote his/her unique characteristics.
  2. We believe that no learner should be deprived of the right to education regardless of his mental, emotional, or physical abilities.
  3. We believe that learning should be of the highest standards and provide equal and fair opportunities to all learners.
  4. We believe in employing the best facilitators and providing opportunities to ensure personal growth and professional development.
  5. We believe that our learners should be empowered to face choices and challenges, and demonstrate a quest for success and excellence through tolerance and ethical thinking.
  6. We believe in inspiring learners to question, think critically, use reasoning skills, and solve problems analytically to promote life-long learning.
  7. We believe that our curriculum promotes a symbiosis between modern and effective usage of technology and the teaching and learning process.
  8. We believe in bridging the gap between home, school, and community by working in partnership with parents, students, staff, and community to ensure the success of our school guidelines.
  9. We believe that the learning environment should encourage an understanding of cultural diversity and an awareness and sensitivity towards the environment.

  10. We believe that in an environment that promotes respect and responsible decision-making throughout the organization.
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