Kindergarten Curriculum

A child is introduced to formal education in kindergarten classes. The KG programs maintain a close relationship with the home and parents and aim to give children useful experiences, which will prepare them for Elementary School. The programs are flexible and are designed to help the child grow in self-reliance, learn to get along with others and form good work and play habits.

Child development and growth characteristics are taken into account when we plan our program for early childhood education.

GIS encourages out-door activities in which students can play, run and jump to cope with the rapid development of the children’s muscles. More over, the GIS childhood program also supports indoors and class activities which provide a great deal of aid for the growth of small muscles by cutting, coloring, drawing and writing.

Students at this level basically learn by exploring the world and the people around them. Thinking is stimulated by experiences with objects and a need to relate their learning to their own personal experiences.

The GIS academic program includes the following courses : Mathematics, Arabic, Islamic and Quran, English, orals, Science, PE, Art, stories and Music.

GIS adopts the team-teaching approach for KG1 and KG2 classes where English-instructed subjects, PE and Art are taught by one teacher, Arabic instructed subjects are taught by another teacher and Islamic/ Quran are taught by a third teacher. The remaining subjects (Music) are taught by subject teachers of those fields.

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