Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum in the middle school is guided by the mission, vision, and policy of our school generally and each department specifically. On the academic level, the curriculum is aligned with the Common Core state standards in the teaching and learning of English and Mathematics, and the Michigan State Standards for Science, ICT, Art and PE, in addition to the MOE curriculum for Moral Education, Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies.

Moreover, it has been reshaped by the targets of our National Agenda for 2020 and the international targets of an international school integrating globalization, moral values, innovation, and leadership.

Each department has its curriculum materials: course descriptions, assessment policy/categories, lesson plans, and schemes of work. The classes are student centric classrooms where teaching and learning methodologies are differentiated according to the needs of our students based on their MAP, CAT and screening assessment reports.

The middle school teachers encourage the development of learning dispositions through, innovative techniques, collaborative learning, participating actively in class, and demonstrating self-motivation, at the same time striving to stimulate every child’s interest, curiosity and creativity, to challenge each student to fulfil his/her potential, and to promote a true love of learning.

Our Curriculum is also complimented by a huge range of co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities that ensure students have the opportunity to develop fully as individuals, global citizens and future leaders. Clubs are offered at the beginning of the academic year, workshops and campaigns are conducted during the year, and eventually competitions and fairs are planned and participated in whenever the opportunity arises.

In the middle school learning to be a dignified winner and a gracious loser in extracurricular activities is given as much importance as lessons learnt in the class or even sometimes more.

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