School Circulars

Below is a list of School Circulars:

Mar0520_School Closure_All School

Mar0220_Letter Regarding Spain Trip_Gr.9-12

Feb2320_Professional Development for staff_All School

Feb1320_Uptown Mirdif Park Trip_Gr.1&2

Feb1220_Elementary Annual Sports Day_Gr.3-5

Feb1220_Trip to Borders Library_Gr.10&11-Girls


Feb0620_Parents Meeting_M&H School

Feb0420_Senior Movie Night_Gr.12-Girls

Feb0420_Trip to Spain_Gr.9-12

Feb0420_Senior Breakfast_Gr.12-Girls

Feb0220_Parents Meeting_KG1-Gr.5

Jan3020_Corona Virus_All School

Jan2920_Science Fair_Gr.2

Jan2720_Arabic Competition_Gr.1-12

JAn2620_MAP Winter 2020_Gr.1-12

Jan2320_Elementary Annual Sports Day_Elementary School

Jan2020_Reading Marathon Competition_All School

Jan2020_KG Annual Sports Day_KG Section

Jan1620_Al Qusais Pond Park Trip_KG Section

Jan1620_Trip to Mirdif City Centre (Little Explorers)_Gr.1

Jab1620_After-School Clubs - Term 2_Elementary School

Jan1620_Trip to Dubai Mall Aquarium_Gr.2

Jan1419_Omra Trip_Gr.8-12-Boys

Jan0920_Arabic Workshop_KG1-Gr.3

Jan0820_Qura'an Competition_All School

Jan0820_Hadith Sharif Competition_All School

Jan0720_PISA Report_Gr.11

Jan0720_Qura'an Club_Gr.1-6

Dec1219_Midyear Holiday_All School

Nov2519_Semester 1 Final Exam Timetable and Required Material_Gr.5

Nov2519_Semester 1 Final Exam Timetable and Required Material_Gr.4

Nov2519_Semester 1 Final Exam Timetable and Required Material_Gr.3

Nov2419_Internship Reminder Letter_Gr.12

Nov1919_Changing Atlantis Trip to IMG_Gr.9-12-Boys

Nov1819_Trip to Borders Library_Gr.10-Girls

Nov1819_CTS Letter_Gr.4-11

Nov1519_Trip to Museum of Optical Illusions_Selected Students

Nov1519_MAP & CAT4 Letter_Gr.1-12

Nov1519_National Day 2019_KG2-Girls

Nov1419_Trip To Museum Of Optical illusions 2019_Gr.11

Nov1319_Parents Meeting 2019_KG1 - Gr12

Nov1319_Program Of National Day 2019_KG1 - Gr12

Nov1319_Trip To Sharjah Discovery Centre 2019_Gr.1 & Gr.2

Nov1319_National Day 2019_KG1 (girls)

Nov1319_National Day 2019_KG1 , KG2 Gr5 (Boys)

Nov1319_Trip Changed From Montiongate To IMG World 2019_Gr.5 E

Nov1319_Graphing Calculator 2019_Gr.9 -Gr.12

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.4

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.3

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.2C , 2E , 2D

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.2B

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.2A

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.1D

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.1B &1C

Nov1219_National Day 2019_Gr.1 A

Nov1219_Arabic IBT 2019_Gr.4-9

Nov1119_Sharakah English Day at AUS_Gr.12

Nov1119_Trip to Motiongate_Gr.6-8-Girls

Nov1119_Trip to Motiongate_Gr.9-12-Girls

Nov1119_Trip to Atlantis_Gr.9-12-Boys

Nov1019_Trip to Motiongate_Gr.5F

Nov1019_Trip to IMG_Gr.4 ,Gr5 A,B &F

Oct2919_Flag Day_3A

Oct2919_Flag Day_Gr.11E

Oct2319_Professional Development for staff_All School

Oct2219_Trip to Kidzania_Gr.3

Oct2219_After School Clubs _KG Section

Oct1719_CAT4_Selected Students

Oct1719_CAT47 Test_Gr.1&3

Oct1519_Basketball Try-outs_Selected Students

Oct1519_Mother to Mother Initiative _KG Section

Oct1419_Happiness play and workshop_Elementary School

Oct1419_After School Clubs_M&H School

Oct1019_Trip to Wild Wadi_6-8-Boys

Oct1019_Mother to Mother Initiative_Elementary School

Oct0919_Visit the BCG Offices_Selected Students

Oct0919_Eco Collection Letter_M&H School

Oct0919_Trip to Funky Monkeys_KG Section

Oct0819_Internship Week _Gr.12

Oct0319_Tajweed Rules_M&H School

Oct0319_Equivalency Certificate Requirements_Gr.10,11&12

Oct0319_Graduation Requirements_Gr.12

Oct0319_Graduation Requirements_Gr.11

Oct0219_Short Story Contest_Selected Students

Oct0119_Celebrating Hazza_M&H School

Sep2919_After School Clubs- Term 1_Elementary School

Sep2419_Fall 2019 MAP Letter_Gr.3-12

Sep2419_Fall 2019 MAP Letter_KG2-Gr.2

Sep2319_Basketball Try-outs_Selected Students

Sep2219_Parent's Afternoon Orientation Session_KG1-Gr2

Sep1819_Professional Development for staff_All School

Sep1519_Arabic Letter_KG Section

Sep1019_Rules & Regulations_M&H School

Sep0819_Parent's Afternoon Orientation Session_Gr.3-12

Sep0519_Qura'an Club_Gr.1-6

Jun2719_End of the Year Letter_Gr.11

Jun2019_Calendar 2019-2020_All School

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