School Circulars

Below is a list of School Circulars:

The ultimate at-home activityGR4-Gr5

May09.23_Dubai Bowling Center trip_GR4-GR5


May01.23_Trampo Extreme trip_Gr3

April26.23_Oli Oli trip for KG 1&2

April26.23_Graduation photshoot_GR12

April19.23_Eid Al-Fitr Holiday_All School

Mar16.23_Updated ramadan timings_All School

Mar15.23_Ramadan timings_All School

Mar15.23_Walk in meeting with Vice Principal_All School

Mar09.23_Winter 2023 MAP_GR1-GR12

Mar09.23_Early Dismissal_GR1-Gr12

Mar09.23_Re-registration and New Siblings Registration_All School 

Mar08.23_Cheecky Monkeys_KG1-KG2

Mar03.23_first aid training session_GR9-Gr12

Mar01.23_Little explorer trip_GR1-Gr2

Feb27.23_Canteen online purchase_All School

Feb24.23_Reminder_GIS Rules_All School

Feb23.23_Book Character Day_GR6-Gr12

Feb23.23_Hag Ellaila_All School

Feb20.23_invitation for doniate_All School

Feb14.23-ABT Assessment_GR3-Gr10

Feb10.23_donation campaign for Turkey -Syria earthquake relief aid_All School

Feb07.22_Semester 1 Parents Teachers Meeting_All School

Feb07.23_Booking the meetings_All School

Feb06.22_Eye checkup_GR1-GR4-Gr7-Gr10

Feb06.22_NGRT Assessment_Gr1-Gr10

Feb02.23_Wadi Alamerdi trip_Kg-GR2

Jan26.23_Visit the senior citizens center_GR8

Jan26.23_Enviro-care awarding ceremony_GR7(A&B)

Jan25.23_Swimming Session_GR9-GR12

Jan18.23_Umrah trip_Gr9-Gr12

Jan01.12_Oli Oli trip letter_GR1-Gr3

Jan10.23_Sports day _Kg1-Kg2

Jan10.23_Sports day _GR1-GR5

Jan06.23_Gearing up for graduation day_GR12

Jan06.23_Mushrif park trip letter_KG1_KG2

Jan06.23_Uptown park trip letter_G 4-5

Jan03.23_End of Semester 1 Exams_GR1-GR12

Dec07.22_Formative  Lockdown Browser_GR1-Gr12

Dec01.22_Canteen Opening_All School

Nov23.22_National Day holiday_All School

Nov23.22_National day celebration_All School

Nov19.22_Mid-semester Parents-Teachers'meeting_All School

Nov18.22_Girls camp_GR9-Gr12

Nov17.22_The Art of Debate Workshop- GR9-GR10(Girls)

Nov16.22_Circus Fontana trip_GR1-Gr2


Nov11.22_Tolerance Day_All School

Nov08.22_Boys camp_GR9-Gr12

Nov07.22_CAT4 letter for parents_GR3-GR5-GR7-GR9

Nov01.22_Spain visit letter_Gr10-GR12

Oct25.22_Dubai Fitness Challenge_All School

Oct24.22_Wellbeing Survey for Parents_All School

Oct24.22_Wild Wadi Trip_GR6-GR8(Boys)

Oct16.22_The Holy Quran Competition_GR6-GR12 

Oct11.22_FALL MAP 2022_All School

Oct09.22GIS  Parent Council_All School

Oct06.22__Arabic fair letter_Kg1-GR5

Oct06.22_Corner Ceramic Cafe Gr9-10

Oct04.22_Extracurricular Activities_Gr1-Gr12

Oct01.22_Reminder Regarding The Signature Of Device Format_All School

Sep30.22_Funky Monkeys trip_Kg1-Kg2

Sep29.22_Atlantis trip letter_Gr9-Gr12

Sep29.22_IMG trip letter_GR6-Gr12(Grils)

Sep27.22_Trip to USA_GR10-Gr12

Sep22.22_International day of pease and Saudi national day_All School

Sep22.22_GIS updated graduation requirements _GR11-GR12

Sep22.22_Photography and Recordings consent form_All School

Sep22.22_Registration for AP Exams_GR12

Sep19.22_Culinary Trip_Gr9-Gr10

Sep19.22_Astronomy Trip_Gr12

Sep19.22_Forensics Trip_Gr12

Sep19.22_Science Lab Sessions_All School

Sep09.22_BYOD Letter to Parents_All School

Sep02.22_Parent-Teacher Metting_All School

Aug31.22_MOE equivalency requirements_Gr9-Gr12

Aug27.22_Welcome Back_All School

Aug22.22_payments, uniforms and books_All school

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